Don’t Give Up

There are so many reasons as to why people want to give up working towards their goals.

Recently, I got my measurements taken with my trainer and nothing changed. It seems like aesthetically I have hit a plateau. I was extremely discouraged, but my trainer reminded me that I am definitely getting stronger, even if my body doesn’t look any different. Instead of giving up, he decided it was time to switch up my routine.

Discouraged, I texted a friend for advice. He reminded me that going to the gym is not all about changing how you look. It is about the way it makes you feel, your health, your well being.

It was nice to get that reminder because I did not start working on my fitness just so that I could look good. Of course that’s part of it! I want my legs to grow, I want my arms and shoulders to be toned. But the main reason I started working out was for my mental health and my physical well being, not just my physical attributes.

Don’t give up. Even if you hit a plateau, going to the gym, working out at home, going for a run, engaging in any physical activity is AMAZING for you! Remember what the most important benefits are and let that keep you going. 🙂


xx Stevie

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