Don’t Give Up

There are so many reasons as to why people want to give up working towards their goals.

Recently, I got my measurements taken with my trainer and nothing changed. It seems like aesthetically I have hit a plateau. I was extremely discouraged, but my trainer reminded me that I am definitely getting stronger, even if my body doesn’t look any different. Instead of giving up, he decided it was time to switch up my routine.

Discouraged, I texted a friend for advice. He reminded me that going to the gym is not all about changing how you look. It is about the way it makes you feel, your health, your well being.

It was nice to get that reminder because I did not start working on my fitness just so that I could look good. Of course that’s part of it! I want my legs to grow, I want my arms and shoulders to be toned. But the main reason I started working out was for my mental health and my physical well being, not just my physical attributes.

Don’t give up. Even if you hit a plateau, going to the gym, working out at home, going for a run, engaging in any physical activity is AMAZING for you! Remember what the most important benefits are and let that keep you going. 🙂


xx Stevie

Getting Discouraged Happens

It’s so easy to get discouraged while you’re working on your goals. We log onto Instagram, scroll through pictures of fitness models with the perfect bodies, perfect lives and happy smiles. We think “why don’t I look like that?” We cannot forget that these men and women have worked so hard for what they have now. It takes years. It didn’t happen overnight. They worked hard, failed a couple times, and got back on their feet and worked even harder. That’s exactly what you have to do!

My favorite fitness model is @jellydevote – check her out. She posts “expectation vs. reality” photos of herself all the time. She shows her followers that she does not look “perfect” all the time.

Don’t obsess over other people’s progress. I follow certain Instagram models to help motivate me, but if any of them make me feel bad about myself, I unfollow. Don’t let social media rule your life. Stay focused and stay committed to your goals. If you get discouraged, it’s normal, we all do. But pick yourself back up and keep kickin’ ass.

What are Your Fitness Goals?

The answers I hear the most are “I want to lose weight,” “I want to grow my booty,” “I want abs.”

There’s nothing wrong with that. I’m working real hard to grow that booty!

But don’t make your aesthetic be the only goal you have. Why not make your goals something like:

  • I want to wake up feeling energized every morning
  • I want a more restful sleep
  • I want to feel generally happier
  • I want to be confident
  • I want to feel less anxious and stressed

These are all things that you can attain just by adding exercise and healthy eating into your lifestyle.

Enjoy the process of it all. Enjoy the way it feels to be stronger and sharper. Make this part of the journey while you’re reaching your body goals. Set some mind goals too.

What Keeps Me Motivated?

Motivation is KEY!

It is so easy to get discouraged when you do not see progress. But transformation does not happen overnight.

And remember…THIS ISN’T SHORT TERM. This is a LIFESTYLE!

We want to be happy, energetic, confident and strong all the time…not just so that we can fit into a bikini for a couple months then fall back into bad habits again until next summer.

So how do we stay motivated? I have read that it takes 21 days to create a habit and 90 days to create a lifestyle. Think about it, that’s totally doable. Your mind is an extremely powerful thing. You can do ANYTHING you put your mind to. Push yourself. Remind yourself of how good it feels to get your heart rate going, how confident you feel when you beat your personal records.

  1. Make a badass playlist. I have a cardio playlist (consisting of mostly hiphop&rap) separate from my lifting playlist (consisting of all classic/southern rock.) I don’t know what it is about a little Lynyrd Skynyrd that really gets me pumped.
  2. Buy some cute and flattering athletic wear. You don’t have to go crazy and dump all your money into LuLuLemon or GymShark. No disrespect but I have found much comfier and cuter clothes for a way better price at Old Navy. Also totally utilize my 10% discount at code: STEVIEJS10 (Yep there was my one and only plug) They have really flattering active wear and an empowering mission statement.
  3. Take progress pictures. Forget the scale. Take pictures every once in awhile. That will show you how far you’ve come way more than the scale will.
  4. Stay educated. Keep yourself up to date on articles on Ask people questions! If you see someone at the gym doing something you want to do, ask for advice! Stay excited about this. Find new information, new exercises, new recipes. Keep learning.
  5. Get an exercise and/or meal prep buddy! This isn’t for everyone; some people like to get in the zone and work out alone and some people like to have a buddy with them. I think it is good to have a friend come with you at least in the beginning specially if you’re nervous to venture into the weightlifting room.

Last but not least……contact me!!! I’m here for y’all.


From lots of beer, unhealthy food and no exercise to a healthy, happy, confident and strong woman!unnamed